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The Difference between Copier Rental or Copier Lease

Although these terminologies can be quite confusing and unclear, copier rental and copier lease are not totally the same. Before speaking with your copier dealer, it is essential that you know and understand the difference between these two terminologies to pick the best option for you. 

What is Copier Rental?

You can compare copier rental to car rental. Once you get in touch with a copier rental dealer, you will be charged a certain fee that will last for the duration of your use. Like car rental services, copier rental is not likely to be a long-term rental. Its fee can be the monthly cost per click or two. It simply means that you will not own the copier machine at the end of your copier rental agreement. 

Some organizations hire copier rental services since they badly need a copier machine that is away or off-site from their offices. They only need the copier machine for a short period. In this situation, it can be too burdensome or cost-prohibitive to enter into an outright purchase or a copier lease agreement for a short-term need.  

What is Copier Lease?

Once a business needs to own a copier machine, the best option for them is to come into a copier lease agreement. In this case, a business can own a used or brand new copier machine by simply agreeing to settle service agreements and set payments. 

This will allow a certain company to afford multiple or single copier machines. Like other leases, it will definitely cost more than an outright purchase. Unlike a car lease, there is no option like giving up the copier machine. So when you choose a copier lease and sign a contract, it means that it is yours. 

However, many businesses opt to upgrade after 3 or 4 years. The reason behind this is that copier machines become more costly to maintain, and buying a brand new copier machine is cost savings. Apart from this, a 5-year-old copier machine is obsolete, and new models offer excellent features and security, making copier machines more useful for complex tasks. 

Checklist to pick either lease or rent

  • If you print less than 700 copies a month, you can consider copier rental. The copier lease is recommended if you print 1000 copies a month. But copier rental will be more costly than copier lease. Normally, the longer you lease, the lessor will give you a discounted rate. 
  • If your company earns more, it won’t be a loss to buy a new copier. Then it would help if you considered not renting one. 
  • It does not make sense to pay yearly for short-term or small projects. Copier rental allows you to save more expenses due to its flexibility. One of the perks of this is you are free to stop the contract anytime you don’t need the copier or when your project ends. You can also downgrade or upgrade the copier machine based on your wants and needs. 

Final Say

Usually, money is important to cover your daily expenses for new businesses. So, a copier lease will be too costly for you, especially if your business is not yet stable. It will be helpful to use copier rental so that a contract will not glue you. 

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You can also pick a secondhand copier to reduce your monthly payment. Company businesses will get additional value for choosing a copier lease since they will pay less every month. 

If you are just starting your business, it will be helpful to consider copier rental since you are free to downgrade, upgrade or buy a brand new one.