Digital copiers are becoming increasingly popular among many home offices, small businesses, and even large office complexes. The quality of documents that they can provide is much better than their analog counterparts. This is especially important for smaller businesses as these digital copiers give them a much more professional image. Digital copiers are also cheaper to actually use than regular analog photocopiers.

Digital Imagery

A digital copier, while it still produces copies of an original document, does it with a different method. Unlike analog copiers that actually take a picture of the document and then transfers it onto a blank sheet of paper, the digital copier uses computer data and pixels to render the copy. Once a document is placed on the tray, it is scanned into its memory as it would be saved into a computer. Then it is transferred onto a paper sheet through inkjet, laserjet, or toner type ink cartridges. This rendering of the image is of a much better quality than analog copiers.

Purchase Price of Digital Copiers

Initially, digital copiers are going to be more expensive than their analog counterparts. Depending on the size, speed, and features of the digital copier this can be a few hundred dollars to well over tens of thousands of dollars. This price can be a little less expensive if someone does some comparison shopping, or looks for used and refurbished equipment.

All In One Options

After the initial cost of the copier, there are tremendous savings involved in the use of a digital copier. The biggest savings is in the way that digital copiers can replace several pieces of office equipment. Because of the way that they use digital technology, these copiers are also computer printers, fax machines, and scanners. Digital copiers can also save money through professional printing features like collating, stapling, and duplex printing.

Ink Costs

The actual operation of the digital copier is also going to be less expensive than an analog inkjet printer. Many companies, like Kodak, Epson, and Canon have created new types ink that dry quickly, are more vibrant, but use less than standard copiers. There are three types of ink heads that can be used with digital copiers today that will factor into costs. Copy toner is used in many office copiers and give the best return for the money. While they cost more than inkjet cartridges, they can produce more copies at a rate of about 1 cent per page. Inkjet cartridges are also popular as they can be swapped out rather easily. The cost is a little higher at about 3 to 4 cents per copy. Colorjet cartridges provide several colors for beautiful pictures, but can cost around 10 cents per copy or printed page.

Maintenance Costs

Besides replacing the ink or toner cartridge, digital copiers are relatively maintenance free. A few occasional paper jams in the feeder tray may happen from time to time, but are easily taken care of through access panels on the side and front of the copier. Digital copiers make a great addition to any home office or small business. They are inexpensive to operate and provide professional quality documents.