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The Difference Between an A3 and A4 Copier

There are many options in the market available when looking for office machine equipment, and sometimes, it can be just overwhelming. You might think you need to read a lot and be tech savvy first, and technical terms regarding this multifunction printer or an A4 copier can add more confusion to your search. But just a little assessment of essential needs has to get right in front of your list. 

If you are looking for a copier or multifunction printer to lease or buy, you have more likely stumbled on A3 or A4 printers during your research. Basically to give you a hint or idea, A3 and A4 are labels to different paper sizes that a print machine can handle. There is an organization that is responsible for defining paper sizes and is relevant in all other nations and that is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

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Now, let’s have a clear look at the details of these two, and you might wonder what is the determining difference of an A3 from A4 printer. These two terms refer to paper sizes a multifunction printer is capable of printing. It’s just that these are two different models.

A3 Printers

An A3 printer can handle paper sizes of up to 11.69 x 16.53 inches, thus can print a greater variety of paper sizes. If you want to print with the sizes A3, legal, ledger, small A4 sizes and other small-sized papers like envelopes and postcards, it is recommended that you use an A3 multifunction printer. If your essential needs everyday calls for a need to print small sized papers, you need this in your office. 

You might ask what is the edge of this from the A4 printer. Well, since an A3 printer can handle various paper sizes, it is faster to operate and to print than an A4 printer. It also has a higher page per minute, or which tech savvy call (PPM). But do not be mistaken, the A3 printer is a larger machine because it has a larger ink cartridge. Because of this, you can save more money on ink and toner and you will more likely replace or repair a little damage in the long run.

Because of the actual machine size of an A3, it can handle more workload in an hour than an A4 printer can. If you are business owners who are in need of faster equipment and quality printing, it is recommended that you go for this printer. 

A4 Printer

Paper sizes suitable for A4 printers are sizes 8.27 x 11.69, similar to 8.5” x 11” on US letter-sized paper. Because it prints larger paper sizes, A4 multifunction printers are more compact, and they manage to print letters and even select smaller-sized paper such as envelopes and postcards. But, it cannot be used to print A4or ledger-sized papers.

If you are not a businessman, it is more recommended that you own an A4 printer since it is more commonly found in homes or offices since it can print documents of typical letter sizes. Its consumables used with this printer can be easily found, like paper and ink.

An A3 machine can take up more space in your office but it allows for more solid constructive and durable parts. However, an A4 device can fit anywhere if you are running out of space, though an A4 multifunction printer is not a desktop printer. 

Determine what is right for you or your business. Before you purchase or lease a particular type of machine whether an A3 or A4, try to consider multiple factors and look at what papers you have to produce initially.