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Ways To Keep Printers Running Smoothly For Years

In this day and age where the world is practically revolving around technology, we often hear about updates and upgrades of different gadgets with their improved models; all boasting of their enhancements from their previous versions. Still, even the latest of printers with more high-end features than their past models still give users a lot of trouble. 

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It should not be the case, especially if you have a little knowledge on how you can maintain your printers to avoid printing errors and paper jams in the long run. Here are helpful tips to properly maintain your printers so you can keep your device running smoothly, and your documents looking clean and professional. 

Always practice safety. 

When the need to open your printer primarily for maintenance calls for it, always be safe. Make sure your printer is turned off before you open it. Check that you keep your hands away from moving parts or hot fusers inside the printer. 

Always clean printer heads. 

Have you ever come across a printed document where visible white lines run across the graphics or text? Those are the results of missing ink. Even though your printer’s cartridge is full, the possibility of having missing ink is very high especially if you fail to clean your printer heads regularly. When you notice these lines, clean your printer heads as they can be clogged.

To find out how you can properly clean your printer heads, visit the manufacturer’s internet site or their manual that came with the printer. The more recent printer models also have self-clean capabilities but this can still be manually cleaned if you prefer. However, avoid cleaning your printer heads more often than necessary because this can lessen your ink. 

Check for debris and remove dust. 

The build-up of toner, dust, and other forms of debris inside the printer can cause paper jams. At times, this can also cause streaks of ink appearing on the printed paper.  Using a vacuum cleaner to suction out those tiny particles is a quick solution. Stay away from canned air dusters because the air it blows when you spray can result in more dust scattered inside the printer.

You can also use cotton swabs dipped in purified water when cleaning ink cartridges. This is relatively easy to do, especially because most printer manufacturers give you specific instructions. Just make sure you carefully read the manuals as there are some cartridge parts that should not be swabbed. 

Resolve mechanical errors. 

As with most products, your office printer will work efficiently for long if you properly take ample care of it. Even the most minute issue, like paper jams, can lead to printing headaches in the future if you fail to do your part. When paper jams do happen, try not to get frustrated and avoid yanking the jammed paper out. The best way is to gently pull out the jammed paper, making sure you avoid any ripped papers behind.

Buy a good quality maintenance kit. 

Your printer manufacturers often sell separate maintenance kits. This is very handy especially when your printer’s original parts start to show signs of wear and tear. These kits come with different maintenance products: from maintenance and cleaning supplies to changeable parts of the printer like rollers, which, when they become worn out, often cause paper printer jams. No printer is perfect. Even the best copier Baltimore equipment can experience occasional errors, jams, and smudges. However, with some knowledge or two about easy printer maintenance, you can greatly reduce common printing issues like paper jams and ink leaks and eventually streamline your whole printing experience.