It is frustrating how even the execution of a simple task could lead to some issues. Printers are expected to be accessible always. 

They play a major role in offices and business sectors, which constitute many papers. To them, time equates to money. Encountering problems leads to failure of work and inconvenience. However, not all issues are curable by expertise in repairs. Some are manageable, even with just basic knowledge.

Here are some common possible printer issues and their solutions:

Printer’s cold shoulder

If your printer is giving you the silent treatment, there are many reasons for this. Unresponsiveness doesn’t automatically mean hopelessness. Chill down and check if the printer cables are properly connected. If you’re receiving error messages, the best first aid is to restart. 

The scanner does not work.

When your multifunctional printer’s scanner doesn’t scan, the problem may be rooting from its outdated software. You may try reinstalling the driver package or get an updated one. If this does not solve the problem, you may seek further answers on the troubleshooting manual. 

There may be a damaged component that needs to be renewed or repaired.

  1. Security of printer 
  2. Unauthorized access and hacking can be possible through printers, which may cause a whole lot of problems. Manufacturers shed light on this problem by providing security features. Please enable them to utilize your printer without worries of internet breach fully.
  3. Non-satisfactory quality

Low-quality outputs can come from different roots. You may have wrongly selected a setting option. Check it out and make sure that you match it with your goal-printed output. 

Another cause is maybe because you’re running out of ink. Don’t worry, though. The printer will send signals and display messages that your ink is almost gone. 

If the others above are inapplicable, maybe you need a head cleaning. This feature will answer your problems with faded and altered texts.

Paper jams on the rock

Paper jams are arguably the most common printer issue. However, experiencing this way too much becomes a nuisance. It’s time for you to take these piled papers out and ensure they’re perfectly aligned. 

If that’s not the case, see that the paper quality is good. A thin sheet of paper confuses the printer roller; that’s why they take two. This messes up the printing process.

Slow printing process

If you’re dealing with high-quality printouts, it’s normal that your printer takes up some time. Sometimes, a slow printing process may also be present in wireless connectivity. Check if the connection is stable enough to execute a document printing task.

Printing from mobile sources seems impossible.

The printer becomes unresponsive just as you switch sources from a computer to a mobile phone. This has something to do with the stability of the devices’ connection. Bring them closer to the internet source. Check if each device is connected to the Wi-Fi.

Final thoughts

Many reasons might cause your printer to have sudden changes and malfunction. These problems are inevitable, with the factors surrounding them while processing tasks. 

As an owner, you have to be firsthand aware of the problem and what’s causing them. You may provide an initial check-up on the device before concluding your next step to have it repaired.

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