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You Don’t Have To Spend Too Much On Colored Printing

A lot of businesses have succumbed to the high costs that are linked with colour printing and have accepted it by saying that it is the way that it is, and that colour printing supplies are expensive. Even though this way of thinking is true, the fact is it does not have to be that way. There are a lot of ways that businesses can get more control of the money that is being spent monthly to manage their colour printers. A lot of businesses today choose to buy colour printers because it allows them the ability to print coloured documents when needed. 

One of the biggest factors to high colour printing costs is related to printing content unnecessarily in colour. Most businesses find that their employees print pages from websites, which eat up so much toner and ink. The reason for this is that websites are content-heavy with lots of graphics that your users end up printing out a page that uses a lot of ink or toner to make, and that translates into money. 

Here are tips on how you can control your coloured printing costs:

Implement a print policy

A print policy is a list of rules that is in regard to printing, and it should be followed by all of your employees. It is best to include rules like always printing double-sided documents or outline occasions when it is appropriate to print coloured ones. According to a study, by having a print policy in place, the average organization sees at least a 10% drop in colour printing volume. When employees know that someone is monitoring their printing activities, they will be more likely to take the time to follow the printing protocol. 

Set defaults on the copier driver

Setting defaults on your copier driver will just take a minute of your time, and it can help ensure that all of the print jobs are completed within policy. Setting your defaults to automatic double-sided, black-and-white printing will help reduce printing costs immediately. 

You Don’t Have To Spend Too Much On Colored Printing

Implement a managed print solution

While having a print policy in place is great, it is just one piece of the equation. Partnering with a managed print services provider that uses advanced technology to put printing controls in place based on your copier and user will lower the printing cost. The average organization that uses a managed print solution can reduce printing costs by 10 to 30%. 

Only use black and white printers

There are some organizations that have no need to print in colour, so using only black and white printers in the office will help eliminate all unnecessary colour print jobs. This kind of solution will also help you save on printing supplies because black-and-white printers use fewer print cartridges than coloured ones. 

Lease your copier

Since copier technology is constantly improving, it is best to choose to lease a copier instead of buying one as it gives your company the option of upgrading the copier to a newly-released and more advanced model during the lease period. This can ensure your employees that they have access to the best technology. Buying a copier can give you the problem of upgrading your equipment immediately once it does not help with productivity. Leasing a copier, on the other hand, can help give your business the freedom to move to higher-end, technology-improved equipment at the end of every two to three-year lease cycle. Also, new models of copiers have features wherein it can help you save on printing costs, so it is best to have those features available.

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