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Can You Lay a Copier on Its Side?

Maybe you found yourself stuck up in a small studio for years and your business has grown, the tight space environment cannot suit your business at all with all the new equipment and your invested office equipment machines. It’s time to move a muscle for your printers and copiers! But, how do you get a lift? Maybe you are trying to put the machines on its side to make the handling and moving a bit easier, but it MUST NOT. 

You should never put a copier on its side. The internal parts will grumble inside and the internal chemicals will get complicated when disturbed. Laying a copier on its side will be a very dangerous move for your copier, besides, it’s heavy and you might get your toes smashed.

Theoretically, moving a copier machine should not be so difficult, it’s just heavy, isn’t it?

However, things are not so difficult if you know how you are doing it! If you ever plan to move a copier machine from one spot of the room to another and you do not have any idea how you are going to do it, calling for help is not much of a hassle, (especially if you are on a lease contract.)

Try to call a professional to move it, and this is the best way possible to not damage the machine. If you ever find yourself moving the machine without a professional hand, make sure it is prepared beforehand. Some tips below can be very helpful if you apply this to your precious copiers.

Copier machines are very sensitive, especially on the inside structure. Its internal composition might be very prone to shaking or breaking, so you should be very careful in moving it, and there’s no way to put it on its side. Some copiers have its security locks to also protect itself from hazardous external debris or actions. At times, the copier would require you to take out the drum or lock the optic system in place in order to keep the system securely locked and nothing gets damaged. 

The Service Provider is always welcome for you to consult beforehand and check whether what kind of preparation is safe and required before moving a photocopier model like your own. Be thankful if your machine is on wheels, it will be a lot easier and less of a hassle to ride it on an elevator and roll down to the truck. If that is not the case with yours, you need an extra hand to put it in proper care before moving it an inch. 

But again, never put a copier on a side even if it is so tempting.

Remember, being very careful and spending a lot of time and petty money can cost you a lot but it is not as much as you buying another copier if you ever damaged it while moving. Your best choice is having to avoid all of this and getting a professional help to do it for you. If you are on a lease contract for your copier machine, call them for help and get a lesser cost for the moving services. But if you’re your copier machine, call the copier company and have them handle it to be moved. Never try to handle it on your own thinking it can save you lot of money. It actually won’t. 

Remember that taking as many precautions as you can and asking a professional for help is worth it rather than having troubles in moving your photocopier machine. 

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You will get to enjoy a new and bigger space with all your machines safely moved in without any hassle to worry about.