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What To Do When Your Baltimore Printer Isn’t Working?

Have you encountered it when you are trying to print documents and then your printer suddenly won’t work? It is quite irritating, right? Well, there are things you could do when your printer is acting up. Whether it’s a software or hardware issue, here’s how to troubleshoot your finicky printer.

Check Connection and Cables

Check that the USB and power cables are securely connected at both ends and plugged into the correct outlets. Sometimes, someone may have disconnected them to charge their device without informing you.

If you are facing issues while trying to print wirelessly, try connecting your computer directly to the printer with a USB cable. If it works, it means the issue is with the wireless connection and you can focus on resolving that.

Printer Driver Problems

It’s not always a hardware problem. The software that connects your computer and printer, known as the printer driver, can also malfunction. Just like any other software, drivers can become outdated or lose compatibility with your operating system after updates. To fix this, visit the support page of the printer manufacturer, enter your printer model number, and follow the instructions to download the latest version of the driver. Below are links to the support pages of the most common printer brands.

  • HP Printer Drivers & Support
  • Epson Printer Drivers & Support
  • Brother Printer Drivers & Support
  • Canon Printer Drivers & Support
  • Lexmark Printer Drivers & Support
  • Xerox Printer Drivers & Support
What To Do When Your Baltimore Printer Isn't Working?

Ensure You Have the Correct Printer Selected

It may seem obvious, but double-check that you have selected the right printer to print your document. If you have multiple printers connected to your computer, Windows may be trying to print to the wrong one.

Try to print the document again, by going to File > Print from the menu, rather than using a shortcut. Carefully review the options that appear and make sure you select the correct printer.

Paper Jams and Ghost Jams

When your printer is indicating a paper jam, there are some potential causes to consider. First, ensure the paper is properly aligned in the tray. Even a slight misalignment can cause a jam. To fix this, remove the tray, realign the paper and put it back in. Then, try printing again if it works. 

Contact Your Nearest Printer Technician

Some issues with printers cannot be fixed at home or with anyone. If you have attempted to troubleshoot the problem but it just won’t work, it’s best to contact a professional printer technician to prevent further damage. Attempting to fix it yourself might make it worse.

Printer Problems? Contact Clear Choice Technical Services

If you are experiencing problems with your printer and are unsure of how to fix it, consider contacting a professional printer troubleshooting service for assistance. Clear Choice Technical Services can help diagnose and resolve any issues you may be having with your printer, ensuring that it is up and running again in no time. Don’t hesitate, to contact us today at (410) 220-5299 to schedule your printer troubleshooting service appointment in Baltimore!

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