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Different Types of Copiers

Like other business or office equipment and machines, copying machines also have various types and features. To help you understand these machines’ uses and unique features, clear out your table and read this page. 

Print marketing is already on the top list of the most-required unit in every office or business establishment. Since paper transactions are becoming a demand in almost all industries and fields, it is essential to know which type of copier machine would meet your needs. Check out the two most common types of copier machines below. 

1. Wide Format Copiers

The most common type of copier machine in the print industry is the standard office copier. If your office or business requires a quick and fast performing copy machine or printer, it is best to consider investing in a wide format copier. This computer is quickly recognizable because it has papers that are 18 inches wide.

You can already have the number of documents you need in just a short period when you use this machine. Hence you will not need to look for a local print shop to do the job. It is more cost effective to print the materials on your printer than to outsource the job.

Wide-format machines produce professional-quality copies. Tiny droplets of ejection and ink are used in this type of machine to create high quality and professional-grade copies. Wide-format machines are best for businesses that require both prints and graphics on documents. 

What are the materials you can produce or create with the wide-format machines? Well, you can make direct mail campaigns, flyers, posters, floorplans, and banners. So if you are working for a marketing business, education system, or even under an architectural system, this type of copier machine is the best choice. 


Now, if you are looking for a vast format machine but still out of budget, you can check out copier leasing in Baltimore. In terms of copiers and printers, leasing in this area lets you choose from various updated brands and types of copiers with the most recent advancements. You hop in the office and approach their friendly and knowledgeable leasing specialists to assist you with the leasing processes. 

2. Digital Copy Machines

If your printing needs are just the basic ones, wide format copiers may not be necessary. Instead, you may opt to acquire a digital copy machine.

This machine features a scanner that informs or commands the printer of the ink-placement on the paper. Input the number of copies you need, and there you go: the printer will automatically do your print requirements.

Acquiring a digital copy machine is a bit costly. That can even be a headache, especially when you are experiencing a tight budget. But actually, you do not need big upfront money to acquire one. With a copier lease, you can conveniently possess the latest digital copy machine you need. Also, you need not worry about the services in case the machine experiences downtime. Copier leasing services provide an agreement to maintain and fix the concerns of your machine. 

Copier leasing services in Baltimore, for instance, offer prompt and açessible provisions from expert technicians. This makes copier leasing an advantage because you no longer need to spend much for fixing your machine or hiring a technician. 

Now when you are all set for shopping or leasing, do not forget to make a deal with the best brands and products. And remember that no matter what your business size is or your reason for acquiring a copier, it is still best to find the right machine that can make a great deal of difference